THIS SITE IS OLD AND NOT MAINTAINED. Go to openfnirs.org/software/homer for the latest on Homer and AtlasViewer.

HOMER2 is a set of matlab scripts used for analyzing fNIRS data to obtain estimates and maps of brain activation. This set of scripts has evolved since the early 1990s first as the Photon Migration Imaging toolbox, then HOMER1, and now HOMER2.

HOMER2 has a familiar GUI interface, but now more easily supports group analyses and re-configuration of the processing stream. Further, it enables users to integrate their own algorithms into the processing stream. Underneath the GUI, all of the processing functions can be accessed at the script level, adding additional flexibility.

Users are encouraged to contribute their own scripts for public dissemination within HOMER2. A list of contributors and their algorithms and any associated papers can be found here.

This software package is distributed free of charge. Please see the download page for details.

HOMER2 has been developed with support from the National Institutes of Health (P41-RR14075, R01-EB006385).